Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm sorry..

Dlm sy bkecil hati with certain people about certain things (not family members of coz)..I didn't realize that sumone hurts bcoz of my kata kalo tlajak perahu bley lah undur..kalo tlajak kata..makan dlm..but what if nowadays bukan kata jer bley tlajak..when u IM pun bley tlajak..somemore u do not realize that u might be hurting da other I am being more carefull after you..I'm sooo sorry's my fault..just take it as my emo pre-menstrual period..sowy yerk..

P/S I LUV U :I trust u..I do..


*ayu* said...

uikkss.... pe kes?
apa pun.. take care ek?
muah muah!

p/s: bila nak jumpa amik pesanan nih?

kuizikel said...

when u type faster than what u can imagine...terlajak kata akan berlaku... hehe...

jgn tekan enter cepat sgt, tgk2 sket button backspace :)

lily lotus said...

to the other party..pls forgive her ;)